Wecallyour attention the services in production of color and black-and-white portraits on monuments. Portraits are made on porcelain half-finished products of various forms and dimensions. We use the Italian, Spanish, German porcelain (FPV, STILTECNO, FPM, TECHIKAL CERAMICS.

  • The modern digital printing equipment (Canon), and also ceramic toners of companies "Baltea DC" (Italy) and "MZ" (Germany) are used in production.
  • The picture processed on the computer is printed and transferred on half-finished product (ceramic or from the enameled metal), then burns in the furnace at a temperature + 8500C. At the same time the picture is baked in glaze (enamel), and after cooling the product makes with it a single whole.
  • The modern technology of drawing the image in combination with high-temperature roasting guarantees to products the durability and fine appearance.

Portraits on photoceramics are protected against:
 - Scratches
 - Sun
 - Moisture
 - Differences of temperatures

Ourspecialists will perform a professional retouch of the photo, if it is required, will replace a background, clothes etc. The making of black-and-white photos in color is also possible. Production term is from 3 days. According to your desire we will make a portrait on the enameled metal.

Delivery across all Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Riga (center) - from 2euro
Latvia (by omniva) - from 3 euro
Lithuania, Estonia (by omniva) - from 7euro